Sunday, August 3, 2008

All Day, All Night and my 100th post

What a great weekend.

Our (M and I's) co-ed softball team won their first game this year. In true Dolphins like fashion we had lost every single game of the year. The playoffs were held this weekend and after a heartbreaking opening round loss we were able to redeem ourselves (and our season) by winning the first game in the loser's bracket. We lost the next game, which meant our overall record for the season was probably something not too dissimilar to the Dolphins 1-15 record. However, that one win was enough to put a smile on my face and remind me of Greg Camarillo.

After the three softball games spread out from 9am-4pm I was kind of tired, but thankfully I got my second wind and went out with some friends. After a disappointing Indians-Twins game we decided to head out to one of the new, hip bars in Minneapolis. This led to some celebrity sightings. We saw Tony Gonzalez (one of the greatest tight ends in NFL history), Adrian Peterson (the offensive rookie of the year and an amazing running back), and Jared Allen (the new defensive end and the owner of three DUIs). Anyway, I introduced myself to both Tony Gonzalez and Adrian Peterson and actually got pictures with them. Below are both:

Adrian "All Day" Peterson

Tony Gonzalez

Overall it was a good night.

The luck continued the next day (today) when M and I decided to go to the Twins game to see Liriano pitch. We showed up 20 minutes late and because of the high demand all of the scalpers were out of tickets. With no other option we headed to the box office when a woman approached us and asked if we wanted 2 lower level tickets. I was in my scalping mindset and asked her how much she wanted for them. She said nothing and gave me the tickets. Apparently I didn't look like a "creep" and she just wanted some nice people to have the tickets since they were right next to her seats. Anyway, as a friendly gesture I bought her and her friend a beer when we got in the stadium. Overall the good karma from that moment couldn't have hurt the Twins as they won 6-2. Combine that with a White Sox loss and that means the Minnesota Twins are in 1st place in the AL Central.

Like I stated in the beginning this was a great weekend.

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