Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lake Geneva

Labor Day is the beginning of school and the end of summer.  For the people in the upper Midwest it means that a short fall is all that stands between them and the frigid winter.  If you want to do something fun outdoors now is the time.   

For M and I Labor Day has now become a yearly tradition of roadtrips in the Upper Midwest. In 2006 M and I went to Bemidji, MN and crossed the Mississippi River at its headwaters. Below is Paul, Babe, M and I:

In 2007 M and I drove up the north shore of Minnesota to Thunder Bay, Ontario.   Below is M and I at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

Yesterday we left Minnesota on an adventure through Wisconsin to the city of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.   The reason being is that my good college friends (Ben and Laurie) are getting married and we are having a mini college reunion.   That reunion started late last night after a long drive through the back roads of Wisconsin.  (Side note:  Why are Wisconsin roads named after letters?   Yesterday we were on country road M and passed by another road called NN.)   

Last night was fun as all my old college friends went to a bar, had a few cocktails and told stories that have aged very well after some years (and beers).   M was thrown into the deep end of my college experience and she did well not making fun of a bunch of Miami students.   

Today is time for the wedding.  I have been tasked with videotaping it (after the critical success of Bears and Beers 2002 it isn't unusual to get these requests) and hope that my old reliable camera won't fail me.   Now, it is off to go get my picture with Illinois state sign.   Despite my many trips to the Land of Lincoln I have never been able to get my picture with the state sign. Hopefully, today I can cross Illinois off my state list and move closer to getting all 50 states.

I will try to check in later.   

Oh yeah the Twins are only a half game out.    

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