Friday, August 1, 2008

Why I like baseball?

A full list of why I like baseball would be long and extensive.  It would be more complex than my reasons for liking (loving) basketball, but I don't want to get into that right now.   All I want to write is that I like baseball because of moments when career minor leaguers get a chance in the majors and get their first major league hit.  Randy Ruiz probably spent 30 years of his life hoping to make it to the majors.  During his time playing baseball he put in 3,644 at bats over 10 seasons in the minors.  Today, Ruiz got called up and was put in as the Twins DH.   His first two at-bats resulted in outs, but in the third at-bat he hit a soft liner into right field for his first major league hit.   One batter later he ran (pretty well for someone who is listed at a generous 235 lbs) from first all the way home for a run (another first for him) on a Brendan Harris double.   Congratulations Randy Ruiz.

Also congrats to M for her well-deserved promotion.   

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