Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Planning

My first semester in college I took a 5 credit Calculus course that met every week day from 4pm-5pm. Most of the students in the class had taken Calculus in high school. I had taken *Trigonometry and Probability instead of Calculus my senior year, which was great at the time, but did not prepare me well for Calculus. Also, in addition to that the teacher was a grad student, who was far from a well-seasoned veteran teacher. (Not that all experienced teachers are good and all new teachers are bad.) When I was told I had a D- at the midterm and I realized I might lose my scholarship I decided to work harder for that class than any other class at any level. I pulled the grade up to a B- through hard work, multiple office hours visits a week and probably some needed luck. I thought that getting a B- in that class would be the toughest thing I ever did.

*I won my one and only book award in Trig. Of course it was a class of only 5 people, but still.

While we are only a few months into it wedding planning has turned out to be almost as complicated as Calculus. While it would be an extreme exaggeration to say that the effort required in wedding planning is as equal to the effort required in Calculus, it still is a pretty labor intensive project. I can understand while others from my gender choose to step aside and let others plan their wedding. It has been my experience that women seem to care a lot more about specifics in regards to the wedding than men. For example I have never once noticed or cared about the following:
  • Chair covers.
  • Wedding dress. I might be able to remember if it had straps or not, but besides that they all look like white dresses to me. Seriously. Sorry Laurie, Nancy, Marie and all the other lovely brides I have seen over the past years. You looked great, but you all looked the same.
  • Plates. I remember and loved the food provided at weddings. There was the elk at Nancy's wedding and I also remember the crab dip at my sister's wedding. What I can't seem to recall is what this wonderful food was served on. I am sure there were plates, but I just remember the incredible food.
  • Silverware - same as above
What I do remember is:
  • Music - The band or DJ sets the tone for the wedding.
  • The people - The more people I know or the more people around my age the better the time.
  • Food - See above under plates.
  • The setting. I have been to receptions that took place at a country club, on a boat, at a vineyard and even in Austria. All of those are memorable.
  • Drinks
  • The groom's tux. (Just kidding)
M and I are trying our best to allocate the work somewhat equally, so that we have a great wedding. My main focus is on the music, guest list, food, setting, and drinks. Once I start making decisions on that I will feel a lot more satisfied with our wedding plan. Until then I am going to feel like I am back in Bachelor Hall in Calculus frantically taking notes and trying to figure out what the heck is going on.


Laurie said...

Oh, Kevin, everyone, male or female starts that way. You're all like, I don't care about chair covers! I don't even notice them! But now, you will notice EVERY SINGLE chair cover at EVERY SINGLE wedding you will go to. And you'll know how much they cost and how they could have got them cheaper and about the different levels of structural integrity of the covers. And then you'll realize you're becoming crazy and you'll go drink heavily at the bar.

Nancy said...

So, no backyard wedding with bbq and a playlist on your ipod like you always dreamed of...?

Kevin Malphurs said...

Laurie - I can agree with your last sentence, but lets hope I don't end up like the rest of your comment.

Nancy - That is really funny that you wrote that because BBQ, ipod and a sweet backyard is pretty much the plan for the rehearsal dinner as it currently stands. My goal is to a BBQ challenge of Columbus, but I might have to settle on one caterer. First things first I have to work on the wedding plan before the rehearsal dinner.

Nancy said...

Ooh, do the challenge...that sounds amazing!

Stephanie said...

I could give you the names of several yummy BBQ places. Sounds like fun!

Kevin Malphurs said...

I was thinking about City BBQ, Montgomery Inn and Hoggy's, but if you know of any places I am missing please, please send me recommendations. I am a big fan of hole in the wall, non-chain BBQ places. Keep your eyes and ears open.