Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding weekend

It has been a pretty busy weekend going to what seems like every reception site and Catholic Church in the greater Columbus area. I won't bore the few readers of this blog with details on the places we saw, but I will provide the commentary that the wedding business doesn't seem to know that we are in a recession. I would like to see numbers on how the wedding business is doing, but from our experience it seems like business as usual.

Anyway, more to come on that later, but for now I will share two videos on YouTube that I find especially funny and appropriate. Below is an video that my best man sent me as a possible intro for the wedding.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

And also I found a possible option for M and I's first dance:

Max & Sara's first dance

I like to think that I am getting some pretty good ideas from YouTube.


Laurie said...

More wedding talk! Less sports!

Marty said...

Someone emailed me that video before you posted it here of the people dancing down the aisle and I had a dream that night that yall did that.. no lie. But also, isn't the song in the background a Chris Brown song? I'm sure that couple immediately regretted that decision. Apparently Northminster is not ok with me using Neyo's "Sexy love" or K-Ci and Jojo's "All my life" when I get married. Damn Baptists.
P.S. I second the above comment from Laurie.

Kevin Malphurs said...

That is a pretty crazy dream. I don't know what that says about you that you are dreaming about M and I's wedding, but I will leave that up to some dream dictionary.

The couple that did that had the wedding in St. Paul, so there has been some local coverage about them in the Star Tribune. Some people have commented on how it is unfortunate that it is a Chris Brown song and Chris Brown should be thanking this couple for helping revive his career. The couple has responded with a website and have used their 15 minutes of fame to get donations to combat abuse. I will try to find the article in the Star Tribune to send to to you.