Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The center of the US sports scene

This blog post is brought to you from the center of the sports universe in Minneapolis, MN.   Don't believe me that Minneapolis is the center of the sports universe in the United States.   Turn on espn.   Right now.  Don't wait.   Brett Favre (my neighbor) is on espn explaining why he is joining the Vikings.     This is unquestionably the biggest sports story today and it probably will be for quite some time thanks to the media's love affair of one of Mississippi finest football players.   

Other big sports stories coming from Minnesota:
  • This past weekend YE Yang upset Tiger Woods in the PGA championship in Chaska, MN.   I don't care about golf, but apparently that was a big story in the sports world. 
  • Joe Mauer is the best baseball player in the world.  If you don't believe check out who is leading the league in batting average...or if you prefer check out on on base percentage ...or slugging percentage.   Or you can check out some new stats like Runs created per 27 outs.    Or the fact that he does this all from the catcher position.    NOTE - The links I included was just for American League, so if you want I would listen to an argument for Albert Pujols.  Pujols has a higher OPS and has been putting up these incredible numbers for longer than Mauer, so maybe I should have wrote that Joe Mauer is the best baseball player in the American League and not the world.
  • Justin Morneau is also pretty good.  Both of those players are easily in the top 4 of any AL MVP discussion.
  • Adrian Peterson is the best running back in the league and might be the best player.  
Unfortunately there is nothing to add on the Twins as a team or much about the Twolves (Al Jefferson is the best low post scorer in the league?   Kevin Love is the best young offensive rebounder in the league?) but I think with Favre, Mauer, Peterson and Morneau there is more than enough star power in the Twin Cities to make a claim to the center of the sports scene. 

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