Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Twins Win

Finally the Twins have a signature win of the 2009 season.   Last night the Twins beat the Orioles 7-6 on a a come from behind walk off win.   M joined me at the game and enjoyed every second of the 3.5 hour marathon of a game.  Her only complaint was that it didn't go deep into extra innings.  (This is when you need a sarcasm font by the way.)  Below are some pictures from the night:

6 rows up for $25/each is not a bad deal.  I love Tuesday night games at the Metrodome.  Below is a picture from our seats.

Michael Cuddyer hit a what seemed to be harmless 2 out single in the bottom of the 9th that turned out to be not so innocent after Kubel walked and Delmon Young hit a walk off single on a 3-2 count to give the Twins a 5 game winning streak.  (The picture below is of Cuddyer, but it isn't the hit I described above.)

Mauer didn't have a good game, but I thought I would include a picture just in case Bethany reads my blog.   

Justin Morneau should hopefully have some company as MVP winners after the guy above wins this year.

Celebrating the victory

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