Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marriage classes

Day one of marriage classes is over and I am feeling pretty good.   Why?   First it wasn't nearly as bad as I *thought it would be.    The 3 hours yesterday consisted of an introduction by our host for the weekend and then two speeches by a priest and a marriage counselor.   I especially liked the 72 year old marriage counselor who has been married 50 years and doing counseling for just as long.   He reminded me of Jerry Maguire's agent Dicky Fox in his manner of speech and unique catchy sayings.  

*Of course I might be thinking differently today since we only had 3 hours of it last night and right now we have a 10 hour marathon run in front of us.

Anyway, the priest and the marriage counselor (sounds like a beginning of a joke) talked about dealing with problems immediately and how small things can build up over time.   The approx. 50 Catholic couples in nodded their head in agreement with these sayings.   M and I were just relieved to know that 1) Both of the speakers were entertaining and 2) Nobody has tried to convert me.  

Besides what I wrote above I am happy because I can report that M has nothing to worry about in terms of the two of the three main reasons for disharmony of marriage in Minnesota.   The marriage counselor and the priest talked about how guys need to be respectful of their wives in in regards to hockey and hunting.   For example if your wife is giving birth to a child you can't insist on going on your deer hunting trip just because it is November.   Anyway, I reminded M that we are good on both of those two points since I could care less about hockey or hunting.

Anyway, I have to go get ready for the marathon today.   Hopefully things continue to go along smoothly.

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