Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twolves - Warriors

This is a pretty exciting sports week. Monday was the national title game. Today, I am sitting in $200 face value lower level center row C seats for the Warriors-Twolves game. Tomorrow is the big Frozen Four matchup on ESPN 2 between Miami University and BC. Then hopefully on Saturday I will be watching Miami take home the National Title in hockey. I have already written about Monday and there will be more to come from the hockey game(s). Right now my focus is on the Twolves-Warriors game in a few hours.

While this game between two of three worst teams in the NBA probably falls low on the priority list for most sports fans I am excited. In fact I sent out a list of reason to my friend who I finally convinced to go see an NBA game about the reasons I am excited for this game. To recap below is the list:
  1. If the Warriors win Don Nelson will have the most wins of any NBA coach in history.
  2. Stephen Curry - My 2nd favorite person who ever attended Davidson is extremely fun to watch and someone who I marked my calendar to go see this year. It is too bad the Twolves didn't have a chance to draft Curry. (Inner thoughts: wait....they did.....and they passed over
  3. Our seats. The best thing about the Twolves also happens to be one of the worst things about the Twolves. People don't care. I have already been offered the company suite by two different people who can't find anyone to go to the game tonight. That means people would rather stay at home than go see a game in a suite for free. This leads to a buyer's market in the scalping community, which led to us getting the $200 row C seats for $28. 14% of face value is a good and common deal with the Twolves.
  4. Golden St. is the top ranked NBA team in terms of pace. #3 on that list are the Twolves. We should see an up and down game tonight.
  5. We get to see player who was once judged and drafted as a better prospect than Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.
  6. We get to see the same player (Darko Millic) start over the Twolves most productive player (Kevin Love).
  7. Mississippi connections - Monta Ellis (Lanier High) and Al Jefferson (Prentiss High) are two of my favorite players especially considering I saw them play in high school.
  8. Corey Brewer - The guy plays like it is Game 7 of the Western Conferance Finals. I love the effort from a player on a team going no where.
  9. The Twolves have won 10 games all year at home. They are not that far off from the Nets record. And they are favored in the game tonight.
  10. Anthony Morrow of the Warriors is 5th in the NBA in 3 point shooting. (I had to reach for the last one).

Really I am most excited about seeing Curry. I brought my camera, so hopefully I can send pictures out later.

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