Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best advice

On yesterday's Freakanomics blog the question of "what is the best advice you ever got" came up on a blog post by Stephen Dubner. This is an intriguing question to me partly because most advice is rarely remembered or followed. It seems like everywhere you look there are people giving you advice and most of it is forgotten immediately. However, there are the rare occasions where you actually remember and try to follow the advice. I am going to try and focus on those pieces of advice because I know they have been meaningful to me.

Best advice I ever got

"If a defender hits you while you are shooting a three fall down. It doesn't matter how hard he hits you." Coach Dunn

"Go to office hours." A random article in the Miamian before my freshmen year of college. This advice helped me keep my scholarship, improve my GPA and cultivate good relationships with my professors.

"Buy low, sell high." - Dad. I still am trying my best to follow that advice.

"Be respectful" - Mom. I don't know if she ever said this, but I consider this to be unspoken advice. Most of the time being a good example is a better way of getting a point across than just words.

"Work as hard as you play." - Buck in a letter written to me right before freshmen year at Miami. I think I accomplished that during my 4 years in Oxford.

"The male brain isn't fully mature until the age of 25" - A random Time magazine article that was suggesting that men wait until 25 before getting married.

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Elisabeth said...

"Take a puff of this."
"If I were you, I'd marry that guy from Rankin County. He seems smarter thank the rest of them."