Friday, May 28, 2010

Brian Dozier

For any Twins or USM fans who follow this blog this section might interest you. If you don't fall into that category, you might want to skip this post. Anyway, one player that I have been following since since seeing him play in the College World Series is Brian Dozier. He was a really good player for the Golden Eagles and then lucky for me he was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. The fact that he came from USM and is now a part of the Twins organization makes him someone that I like to keep on my radar.

Anyway, he just got promoted to the Twins high A team down in Fort Myers. This promotion is well deserved as over his minor league career he has batted .324 with a OBP% of .396. So far he is doing really well at the start in Fort Myers with 8 hits in his first 21 at bats. I was excited enough about the promotion and for him moving one step closer to making the Twins that I thought I would check in with a Twins blogger that I follow on a regular basis. Below is the email I sent with his reply below that:

As a fellow Twins fan I really enjoy reading your blog and getting your thoughts on the entire organization. One player that I like to follow is Brian Dozier since he is also from Mississippi and went to one of my favorite schools USM. I actually saw him play in the College World Series last year in Omaha. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for providing me a website where I can check in and see how Dozier is doing in the Twins farm system. It is great to see that he was recently promoted to Ft. Myers. Also, I wanted to get your opinion on whether or not you think he has any chance of making it to the Twins? I would be extremely happy to see someone from USM playing for the Twins. Maybe he could even replace fellow Mississippian Matt Tolbert as Gardy’s choice for Punto-lite?


Seth's response:

Hi Kevin, thanks for the comments and compliments, I do appreciate it.

As for Dozier, as a four year college guy, the battle is going to be uphill for sure, and he could be pushed a little bit. He is a solid player offensively and defensively. Nothing really flashy. He certainly fits the Twins mold for a player. he can play both middle infield spots and he can hit for average. Not much power, but I do think he has a chance. But if so, it's at least two years from now, maybe three.

I am holding out hope that in 2/3 years I will be able to go to Target Field wearing my black and gold USM polo with my Twins hat. The USM/Minnesota connection has already worked out pretty well for the Vikings, so I don't see why we can't see another connection for the Twins.

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