Thursday, April 3, 2008

One of the reasons why I don't subscribe to SI anymore

Plenty of teams (Memphis, UCLA, Kansas) and players (Stephen Curry, Kevin Love, Michael Beasley) have played incredible basketball this year and yet SI has singled out Tyler has the only college player they will put on the cover. In the past month he has been on the cover twice, which stretches his overall total to 3 times. They must have a man crush on him because it isn’t like the pictures of him are any good.

Just to give you a point of reference of how 3 times on the cover is ridiculous check out the below stats:

  • Number of SI covers Michael Jordan was on during his career at UNC: 1

  • Number of SI covers the NBA’s all time leader in assists and steals John Stockton was on: 1

  • Number of SI covers that Mlb’s former all-time leader in home run’s Hank Aaron was on during his playing career: 3

  • Number of SI covers that Duke stud JJ Redick has been on: 2 (one of them was with the entire Duke team and one was with Adam Morrison)

  • Number of SI covers that Duke was on during the two years when they won back to back National titles: 3


Mary said...

The first photo is ok and the second one is a cool angle, but not a good look for TH. But the third photo is incredibly weird. Do you think someone who actually dislikes TH but was told to put him on the cover selected that shot?

BC said...

He looks like he's pooping in the 3rd picture. That's a face H makes several times a day.

Maybe you want UNC to win the National Championship so that he'll go pro and you can shut up about him. If they don't he's coming back for another year.