Saturday, April 5, 2008

"We won every tournament except for this one"

The title of this post is could be the quote of the year from Tyler Hansbrough. It was answer from a reporter asking about the season. Hansbrough said it was a good year, but they didn't play to be one of the top four teams, they played to be the top team. Then he helped recap the season by saying "We won every tournament expect for this one." Hmmm....UNC won the ACC tournament. What other tournament is he talking about? That quote is almost as bad as Shaq saying that he won everywhere except for high school and college.

Duke has plenty of players that nobody remembers that won multiple ACC championships. Tyler for a player of your caliber (player of the year, etc) the only tournament that matters is the NCAA tournament.

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BC said...

Did he really say "We won every tournament expect for this one?" Wow, how did he manage to speak a typo?

The Las Vegas Invitational. They won that one, too.