Saturday, April 5, 2008

See you next year

I guess that the outcome of tonight's game means Tyler Hansbrough is coming back next year.   The national media has to be happy because that just makes their life that much easier.   No need to debate who to put on magazine covers or hype to be player of the year because the choice will be obvious.   Next year I expect Tyler Hansbrough to shoot 500 free throws, be on at least 5 SI covers, and block at least 20 shots.  Also, I expect that if he doesn't win the title next year for him to apply for a 5th year to try and get that elusive championship.   

M sent me this great picture of the face of college basketball

There should be more thoughts later (like Billy Packer jinxing everything by saying the game was over, which was before my brother-in-law jinxed UNC by calling me during UNC's run), but right now I am going to enjoy my victory Jameson (no Protestant whiskey as McNulty would say)  and a victory Samoa.

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