Thursday, September 11, 2008

September updates

It has been awhile since my last post and for my loyal readers I apologize. The reason for the delay was due to a week long family vacation in Florida and then a busy week at work trying to catch up on the work I missed while I was gone. Also, there has been the distraction of fantasy football. Not that any of you care, but here are my teams as the currently sit:

College league (12 teams) - Starting lineups listed with backups in parenthesis.

  • Brian Griese (Chad Pennington)
  • Michael Turner (Kenny Watson), Ronnie Brown (DeAngelo Williams)
  • Reggie Wayne (Vincent Jackson), Torry Holt (Matt Jones), Eddie Royal
  • Tony Gonzalez (Tony Scheffler)
  • Neil Rackers
  • Seattle's D

Honeywell league (12 teams) - Starting lineups listed with backups in parenthesis.

  • Jon Kitna (Derek Anderson)
  • Marshawn Lynch (Matt Forte)
  • Brandon Jacobs (Kenny Watson)
  • Randy Moss (Eddie Royal)
  • Santonio Holmes (Anthony Gonzalez)
  • Santana Moss (Kevin Walter)
  • Matt Prater
  • Tennessee's D.
Now, in the Honeywell league I have a trade on the table where I would give up Randy Moss, Brandon Jacobs, and Matt Forte for LaDanian Tomlinson, Darren McFadden, and Tony Scheffler. I think I will take it for no other reason then but to have a backfield of Lynch and LT for the fantasy playoffs.

Oh yeah my sleeper pick Eddie Royal looked pretty good in his first game.

Quick updates:
  1. The Florida trip went well. M was missed, but overall it was great seeing the family (especially Henry).

  2. The Twins are currently 1.5 games back from the Division leading White Sox. They would be up at least 3 games if their bullpen wasn't so terrible this past month. How does Joe Nathan blow 3 saves during my week and a half vacation? All I am hoping for is that they are in the race by the end of this month when they have a 3 game series against the White Sox at the Metrodome.
  3. All you need to watch in keeping up with politics is the Daily Show. Check out John McCain: Reformed Maverick. John McCain's Big Acceptance Speech.
  4. If you care about the issues (crazy thought) then check out the Issues section from and read what interests you. Seriously, it shouldn't be that difficult of a decision in November.
  5. One of my coworkers just joined facebook and is trying to figure out what to do with it. I sent her the following article from the NY Times magazine. It is a good in-depth look at the culture behind social sites like facebook.

Off to softball tonight. Then this later this weekend I have tickets to the Colts-Vikings game thanks to one of my friends up here. We will be taking advantage of VIP treatment of a buffet and free drinks two hours before the game. There will be pictures, so stay tuned.

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