Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you excited about tomorrow?

It all comes down to this. Both sides have spent so much money, so much time, and so much energy in hopes of having their spot in the national limelight. Side A is represented by the color Red. Side B is represented by the color Blue. Side A courts the “real” Americans, such as the ones found in the cornfields of Southwestern Ohio. Side B courts the people in metropolitan areas of states like New York. Side A has seen success in the past with the biggest success coming in 2004. Side B has had a tough decade, but with a mid 40s African-American leader is hoping to come out victorious this year. Side A is hoping for a newcomer to provide the spark on what has been a listless 2008 campaign. Side B is surprised to be leading Side A, but is still relishing the moment as being the hunted as opposed to being the hunter.

I am excited to see the outcome tomorrow and am looking forward to the result. To find out more about tomorrow then please click on this link.

Go Redhawks!
(Oh yeah in case you didn't get it...Side A is Miami U and Side B is the University of Buffalo. What else would I be writing about?)


Bethany said...

Very Creative Kevin - I am quite impressed. I hope side A wins! :)

Kevin Malphurs said...

I hope for one victory for the Red (Miami) and one for the Blue (Obama).