Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random observations

Here are the random observations of the day:
  • The 6-4 Dolphins are playing the 6-4 Patriots on Sunday at noon. I haven't been this excited for a regular season NFL game in 5 years.
  • I bet you didn't think it was possible for a 0-10 team to be favored, but guess what Washington is not only favored but favored by over a touchdown in their next game. The reason being is that they are playing their in-state rivals Washington St. Washington St. has won only one game this year and that game was against a Portland St. team that is 3-7 and has lost to UC Davis, Sacramento St. and Northern Arizona.
  • Do you know why I like Joe Posnanski? Because he writes articles about the best player in college basketball. What you expected Tyler Hansbrough? Sorry, but Joe knows that Tyler isn't even the best player in the state of North Carolina. The best player scored 33 points, handed out 9 assists and had 4 steals last night for a school that used to be best known for academics, free laundry and an excellent Religion school. It will be tough rooting against him and Davidson on January 7th.
  • Here is a Scoop Jackson article about the best player, where he talks about how Curry wasn't on the cover of Street and Smith, SI, Espn or Athlon and how he needs a nickname. For once I found a Scoop Jackson tolerable if only because he wrote about how Curry is not getting enough attention from the national media.
  • I hope by now that you are getting the point that Stephen Curry is incredible. I like Curry almost as much as I dislike Hansbrough.

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BC said...

For a Dook fan, you don't have much to say about them.