Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little known player

Last year I wrote a much commented post about the top 10 reasons why you should dislike Tyler Hansbrough. That was a year, a week and a day ago. So much has changed since that time. Since that time the Dolphins have seen Greg Camarillo go from a practice player to a season saving star to an actual solid #2 receiver in the NFL. Since that time the Jazz got jobbed by the Lakers in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Since then the stock market has gone down 35%. Since that time the United States elected Obama. However, despite all of thoese things there are a few things that haven't changed and more importantly there is one person who hasn't changed. Tyler Hansbrough and the media's love affair with him has not changed in the past 373 days.

In honor of that I have decided to come up with a new top 10 list on why you should dislike Tyler Hansbrough:
  1. Inside post defense - Do you know how many block Psycho T had last year? I will give you a hint. It was the same amount of blocks as 6ft 2 inch Stephen Curry. Give up. The answer is 14. How does a 6ft 9inch post player play 1286 minutes and block 14 shots? I don't even know how that is possible.

  2. Media Love -Tyler Hansbrough once again is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Below is a picture of the cover:

    For those of you who are counting that makes 4 covers that Psycho T has been on. That would equal the amount of SI covers that Sandy Koufax and Jerry Rice were on during their playing careers. Seriously. It is kind of a fun game to see what all-time players have been on the SI cover the same or less (John Stockton) than Tyler Hansbrough.

  3. He overshadows the the other UNC players - I am not a big fan of North Carolina's basketball program. Still I have to feel bad for any player on the team not named Hansbrough. Danny Green is the most complete player on the team and their best defensive player. Wayne Ellington is the team's best shooter. Ty Lawson is still the most valuable player on the team. Still based on the national media's reaction you wouldn't even know that those players were on the team.

  4. Omri Casspi and Gani Lawai - These are the two player in between Tyler Hansbrough in the Nba Draft mock draft. Have you heard of them? One is a post player from Maccabi Tel Aviv and the other is a post player for Georgia tech. In other words he isn't that good.

  5. His Age - Andrew Bynum has been playing pro basketball for 3 years and less than a month ago he celebrated his 21st birthday. Tyler Hansbrough is entering his Senior Year in college and he is 23 years old. The only time I might agree with most commentators this year is when they talk about how Hansbrough is a man amongst boys. There was a reason why Danny Almonte was such a good little league pitcher.

  6. Selfishness - Tyler Hansbrough averaged less than one assist per game last year. Considering how much talent is on UNC's roster you would think Tyler would be able to pick up a few assists a game.

  7. Assist to turnover ratio - This point is similiar to the point above in the fact that it points out how one dimensional of a player Hansbrough is. Anyway, Tyler's assist to turnover ratio was 0.42. In other words he had more than double the amount of turnovers over than assists. Simply put - that isn't good.

  8. Outside shooting - Hansbrough has made three 3 pointers in his career. He isn't much of an outside shooter, which is another reason why he won't be a good pro player. Unless you are a Dwight Howard type athelete then you need an outside shot to make in the Nba. Needless to say Tyler Hansbrough isn't much of an athelete.

  9. Cole Aldrich - Below is a picture of a freshmen dominating the natational player of the year in the Final Four.

10. Natational Title - Now for the last point I thought about pointing out his awkwardness, the fact he travels every time he makes a post move, or even his awkward 7 year old boy haircuts. Instead I will point out that despite all of the attention and love from the media Tyler Hansbrough has never won a national title. Why I don't think is always a fair way of judging the performance of an athelte in Tyler's case it is appropriate. The reason being is because he has been given plenty of chances. His sophomore year's team was stacked and didn't even make the Final Four. Last year's team was given a very easy road to the Final Four and they choked as well. Now all of this year's team is back and they have another easy non-conferance schedule. If they (and Tyler) don't win the title then I hope that the media gets together and realizes that they should never write another puff piece on Psycho T again. Tyler might not want to grow up, but some of us wish that he would grow up and move on.

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