Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick points

Happy Friday to everyone. Winter is officially here in MN as I can look out the window and see snow sticking to the ground. Anyway, it has been a pretty exciting week with the Miami-Buffalo game on Tuesday highlighting everything. Here are some quick thoughts:
  • M and I are going to see Prairie Home Companion tonight. I tried calling the ticket office to buy tickets and they informed me that you could only buy them through Now why can you buy the tickets online, but not over the phone? Why do they even have a ticket office?
  • was the 4th best invention of the year according to Time Magazine. For anyone who likes certain TV shows, but doesn’t have Tivo, DVR or in the case of some family members a TV this website is a must for add to your favorites list.
  • All this talk about whether or not Barack Obama has *mandate makes me think of him and Colin Powell going to grab some Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC before going to see a movie.

*I realize that at most only 2 people would get the joke, so here is an explanation. My new term that I like to use is “man date”. A man date is when two male friends go out on a traditional date like activity such as dinner, movie, or a comedy show. Not too complicated, but I felt like a clarification was needed.

  • Ted Cook's 19th Hole BBQ and Asahi beer were my food and drink of choice for the Presidential Election coverage on Tuesday night. Neither disappointed.
  • The blue side won in both the election and the Miami-Buffalo game on Tuesday. Obama won 2.2 times more electoral votes than McCain. Buffalo scored 2.2 times the amount of points that Miami scored. The comparison from the previous post about the similarities between the game and the Election held even through the result.
  • Dolphins-Seahawks on Sunday. As a Dolphins fan I am starting to feel guilty about expecting an above 500 record. It has been nice enough to know that the team is playing meaningful games in November.

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