Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Arkansas - Ohio State (halftime)

Ohio State leads Arkansas 28-10 at halftime of the Sugar Bowl. This is a pretty big game considering that Ohio State is hoping to *finally beat an SEC team in a bowl game.

*Miami University in contrast is 3-0 against SEC teams in bowl games with wins against Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in the Tangerine Bowls of 1973-1975.

With 4 seconds left in the half coach Bobby Petrino had a decision to make. Does he go for the touchdown from three yards away or does he kick a field goal? A td would make the game 28-14, while a field goal would make the game 28-10. He chose the field goal and describes his reasoning to Holly Rowe in his halftime interview:

Rowe - "Coach - what made you decide to go for a field goal in that situation?"
Petrino - "Well get to three possessions...makes it 18..we got a chance now."

Huh? It was three possessions before he kicked the field goal (all touchdowns) and three possessions after he kicked the field goal (still all touchdowns...unless you assume a two point conversation). Nevermind that it was probably the wrong decision, but his reasoning has to make Razorback fans (those who caught it) nervous.

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