Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite TV series

My favorite TV series of all-time:

  1. Sports Night - Great acting, pretty good script and a few episodes that years later I still remember. I loved watching Sports Night and am still upset that it was canceled after only 2 seasons. Natalie might be my favorie female character of all time. High school me couldn't think of a better girlfriend than Natalie. Glad that my high school girlfriend didn't know that I guess since she was nothing like Natalie.
  2. Dawson's Creek - Another show from my high school days. What is it about the importance media (music, tv, movies) plays in your high school days? Dawson's Creek was one of the shows that meant more to me then than shows do now. I remember comparaing my friend group to Dawson's Creek and finding some striking similiarities. Along with Sports Night I have rewatched episodes, which speaks to how much I like the show. In fact right now M and I are halfway through season 5 (it lasted 6 seasons) after starting from the beginning. We thought this was a good idea after going to the place (Wilmington, NC) where Dawson's Creek was filmed for her brother's wedding.

  3. How I Met Your Mother - This is a current show that still might go through some decline (similiar to The Office) but right now the show is still a must watch. I love the characters and the actors/actresses do a great job with them. Barney specifically is one of the funnier characters I can remember. Also, I love the relationship between Lily and Marshall.

  4. The Shield - I just finished the final season (season 7) of The Shield about a month ago. From the very first episode it was one of the best shows I could imagine. It is the only real action drama (Dawson's Creek was more of a emotional drama) on my list of favorite TV shows. Vic Mackey is another great character who walks line between good and bad. This is an important disctiontion because while the shows above are more black and white The Shield exists in a world of grey. I don't want to give away any plot lines, but I will write that the show was much better Seasons 1-5. I did not like the end of Season 5 even if it might have been the only logical move for the writers to make. Still overall as a whole this show was incredible.
  5. PTI - This is a little bit different of a show to choose since it is non-fiction as opposed to the four above. However, it wouldn't be a complete list of my favorite shows without mentioned PTI. Specifically I am writing about the PTI with Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser since I am not as big of fan as the guest hosts like Dan Le Batard or Bob Ryan. However, when it is Wilbon and Tony commenting on sporting events for 30 minutes it is worth the permanant spot on my DVR recording. In fact that show is perfect for the DVR since they list the topics on the right in addition to including a countdown clock. If there is a subject that I don't care about (ex. Tiger Woods) then it is really easy to fast forward to the next subject I care about without having to guess.

Just missed the cut - The Daily Show, The Office, Saved by the Bell, Modern Family.


jkSports night not even the best sorkin show. West Wing is the best show of all time. The Wonder Years has to get a nod too. said...

Sports night not even the best sorkin show. West Wing is the best show of all time. The Wonder Years has to get a nod too.

Eric said...

Sorry, I gotta agree with JK on this one. I would remove Sports Night, replace it with Seinfeld as number one. Soprano's has to be on there somewhere. Oh, and I would remove Dawson's Creek and replace it with a show that doesn't remind me of my gender pre-op days.

BC said...


Nancy said...

Dawson's Creek is a must for this list. Have you guys finished it yet? Loving How I Met Your Mother...I need to start from the beginning though. Modern Family and Outsourced always provide a good laugh.