Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thunder - Twolves

Unless I win the lottery and go traveling the country in search of great games, I feel pretty safe to write that after last night I can cross one spot off my top games of 2011. Last night's Thunder-Twolves overtime game was a great game to watch, and one that I was lucky to have seen from the 4th row.

I had wanted to go see Durant and Westbrook play, so I worked out a deal with a guy on craigslist for Lexus courtside club tickets right on the baseline. My friend and I worked out a plan to go early and take full advantage of the free drinks and food before the game and during halftime. Well, our plan worked to perfection. We were in the Lexus lounge as early as possible (5pm) and had enough time to enjoy a few beers and more than a few ahi tuna on bread appetizers. The food (tuna, chicken, chips and guacamole, London broil and mashed potatoes) was excellent and the whole experience made me wish I was one of the *super-rich people who normally own courtside seats.

*Waiting for the valet afterwards was kind of funny. There was a steady string of Range Rovers, Lexus cars (I don't know the plural of Lexus) and then my 2007 Honda Civic.

Anyway, some quick thoughts on the game before a few pictures:
  • Durant is incredible. It is hard to believe how someone so tall can be such a great shooter. The Twolves defenders looked like they had no chance in stopping him. It was really fun seeing him take and make so many shots, while scoring a career high 47 points.

  • Kevin Love has to make the All-Star team. His 3 point shot has improved to the point that it is a surprise if he misses one. Also, it isn't a stretch to say he is the best rebounder int the league by a wide margin. Yesterday he pulled down 21 rebounds and seemed to keep a few other possessions alive for his teammates.
  • Nikola Pekovic seems lost out there. For those of you who don't know who Pekovic is, don't worry because you probably won't here about him again.
  • Can someone tell me Darko Millic's shooting % on left handed hooks compared to right handed hooks? He seems like a legitimate scoring option when he shoots with his left hand, but when he goes to the right hand he doesn't look much better than Pekovic.
  • Bad teams like the Twolves seem to find ways to lose the game. This time around it was a few missed free throws (one by Ridnour and one by Brewer) and a few missed possessions that doomed the home team.

Anyway, below are some pictures from the game:

Westbrook going in for a dunk after a steal. This was a lucky picture and probably my favorite of the bunch:

One of the Twolves in-arena hosts and new traffic girl for a local news station (WCCO) was kind enough to take a picture with me and my double chin. I am not sure why I look so awkward, but I'm blaming it on the flash delaying the actual picture. (That didn't seem to affect her, but whatever)

Two former #2 picks in the draft...and that's where the similarities end.

Durant on his way to 47 points and a game winner.


Mary said...

I like how excited you seem for this post. And I noticed not only did you get in a pic with the locally famous Natalie, but you also go a shot of the T-Wolves dancers. :)

johnny said...

I like that your wife likes this

johnny said...

Nevermind, I re-read the transcript & she just liked how excited u were for this post. She just "noticed" the pic w/ reporter & dancers. I misread that as she liked those things. That's my bad.

Kevin Malphurs said...

She actually does really like the dancers. Here is a quote from her when describing what she looks forward to at Twolves games - "I notice stuff like if the dancers are wearing pants and if we saw the half time act before."

Also, she has switched from Fox to WCCO (CBS) in the morning, which I can only assume is attributed to Natalie starting with WCCO a month ago. She was actually the one, who pointed out that Natalie was working there now.