Saturday, January 22, 2011

ESPN - Paul Millsap

Yesterday morning I emailed Henry Abbott of TrueHoop with a link to the Millsap article I wrote and a couple questions trying to get his opinion. He responded in a couple hours with his comments (mostly positive) and a question on my business title of Super User - Forecasting. If that is all that happened it would have been a perfectly good day. Any time I can get someone I regularly read like Henry Abbott to not only read what I wrote, but comment on it is enough to make me happy.

However, the real surprise was that he took my post and highlighted it on's TrueHoop blog. You can see his write up of my post Western forward All-Star candidates, in a handy chart. When I saw this I had one of those look twice, is this real looks on my face. I read his post about my "pretty chart" and called out my bullet point on LaMarcus Aldridge. Not too surprising considering ESPN's readership my comments section on the post starting blowing up. A few people seemed to miss the *point with the comments.

*The point was that Millsap might not be an All-Star, but he at least should be in the discussion. That's it. I wasn't saying the other players were bad or that even Millsap was definitely better than the others, but that the numbers suggest he should be in consideration for a spot on the All-Star team.

Anyway, in what was probably an amateur move I tried to answer the comments. I feel like if they took the time to write in then I should try and answer their questions and concerns. Most of the comments added something to the discussion (should Aldridge get more credit for being a #1 option? should extra credit be given to Aldridge playing better lately?) and for those comments I really enjoy debating an answer. In the future I probably should let my post speak for itself and try not to get caught up in the comments. Regardless of any mistakes I made (with my post or with my comments on the post) I am very happy with the progress. I think my writing has improved and that if I continue this pace I might be able to add a little of my perspective to Jazz related subjects. That is enough for me to be happy.


jk said...

U definitely were not just saying that millsap should simply be in the discussion. Your first sentence approximately states, "before we get to whether millsap should be an all star..." Your last sentence states that he should be an all star. U argued ('argued' spelled w/ an 'e' but argument is not) that millsap should be an all star & masqueraded it as case that he should just be in discussion.
Not disagreeing w/ ur opinion...just don't want u throwing oranges in an apple cart

BC said...

Oranges look like Humpty Dumpty!

Mary said...

proud of you hun!