Friday, September 19, 2008


This post is coming to you live from our Nation's Capital.   M's friend is getting married in the DC are, so we are here for a long weekend.   Last night our flight got in at 11pm and we decided on the fly to go see part of the National Mall at night.  We spent 2+ hours walking around, but it was such a nice night and a cool experience that it definitely was well worth it.  One of the best things about our impromptu night tour is that there weren't many people out at midnight on a Thursday night, so it was almost like we had our own private tour.  Below are three pictures from the evening:

Anyway, after the night tour we met up with one of my friends from the old Target days.    She now lives near Dupont Circle, which if I remember correctly is close to wear my sister and brother-in-law lived.   Also, if I correctly remember there are about 3 Ethiopian restaurants per block in that area.    It was a fun but long night that unfortunately meant that M and I didn't make it back to the hotel till 3am (feel free to sing along to that stupid Matchbox 20 song).  

Today consisted of seeing DC in the light and then going the rehearsal dinner for the wedding.  

Quick thoughts on the trip:
  • I vehemently dislike driving in DC.    There is tons of traffic everywhere, nobody (including M and I) really knows where they are going, and traffic laws are similar to China in that they are merly suggestions and not really laws.  (Actually let me rephrase that; They are a watered down version of China, since nothing can compare to the drivers in China.)
  • M and I went down by the water and had some of the better seafood I can remember.   Now mind you we are used to MN seafood (which not surprisingly we don't get that often), so take the above comment for what it is worth.  The place was called Jimmy's and the 1/2 pound baked shrimp, 4 crab balls, and strawberry shortcake were nothing short of amazing.                                                The whole water scene environment seemed like it could have been a scene from the Wire...minus the fact that I could understand at least 75% of what was being said.
  • Catering BBQ for a rehearsal dinner is not a bad idea.  In fact I would say that is a great idea and I applaud the Krogh family.
  • I was surrounded by New England sports fans tonight and it took all my power not to mention how the Dolphins were going to destroy Matty Cassel and the Pats on Sunday.   Maybe if I would have had some more to drink then I would said that?   And maybe if I would have had way even more to drink then I might have actually believed that?
  • Twins playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow morning.  I don't even know why I am going to bother trying to get those tickets.  I might as well put down a deposit for Twolves playoff tickets since they stand more of a chance of making the playoffs then the Twins.

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Mary said...

It was such an awesome wedding and fun trip! I'm really glad we were able to make it out there. We did so many fun things and were certainly busy! Hopefully our missing luggage shows up today... Looking forward to more photos in a follow up post!