Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vikings game

Not to sound like a girl, but I don't know what to wear.   In 10 minutes I leave with two of my friends to go see the Colts-Vikings game at the Metrodome.   One of my friends is a semi-Vikings fan and the other friend is a Colts fan.  I don't really care much about either team besides fantasy purposes.  Anyway, it is kind of tough to pick out a casual outfit that doesn't lean towards one team or another.  I finally settled on my 2004 Pac Rim shirt as probably the most neutral shirt in my closet.   

As a freshmen in college I used to get in long arguments with my Calculus professor on whether the SEC was a better conference than the Big Ten.  I couldn't imagine anyone would think the slow, boring Big Ten was better from top to bottom than the SEC.  The reason I write this is because last night I was probably more sympathetic towards the Big Ten than ever before in my life.  I wanted Ohio St to win (or at least put up a big game) and I also actually found myself rooting for Wisconsin over Fresno St.   Maybe 7 years of living in Big Ten country (wow that seems like a long time) has finally softened me up a little bit?  Don't get me wrong I still think the SEC (or a few other conferences) are better than the Big Ten, but again  I am just a little more sympathetic to the Big Ten.

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BC said...

Wow, did Peyton look terrible for most of that game or what? And no breakout performance from AP, either. I'd have been sucking back free drinks and snacks, asking them to change the channel on the TV in the suite to Montel or something.

And by the way, who the hell frets about wearing the right thing to a football game? I hope you got the shine off your nose with some powder and that you properly accessorized.