Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 years ago

After my detailed review of the 2nd half of the Baylor - Duke there should be no question about why Duke won the game. However, if you would like more to read check this out. The call was 50/50 and it went against Baylor. There were other calls that went against Duke. Also, for those of you who pointed out that Zoubek would have fouled out and that affected the game keep in mind that he fouled out exactly 2 minutes later. During those 2 minutes he added one defensive rebound and one assist. That is it. Let's move on.

6 years ago I was at the big, yellow house (305 N College) in Oxford, OH watching Duke in the 2004 Final Four. I remember being upset at the poorly officiated game and how Emeka Okafor scored whenever he wanted after all of Duke's front line fouled out. That was a frustrating night. It would have been even more frustrating if I knew that Duke wouldn't make it back until I was 5 years removed from college, UNC would have 2 titles and that my brother-in-law would have suddenly become a UNC fan. I had just turned 21 shortly before the Duke-Uconn game and that served itself well during that Saturday night at the bar.

I am obviously hoping for a different outcome this Saturday night against West Virginia. I thought this Duke team's ceiling was the Elite 8, but now that they have made it to the Final Four I am starting to get greedy. It would be nice to match UNC's title from last year with a Duke title. Also, if Duke won I am in line to win around $160 from two brackets. I might even spend part of that prize to buy a NIT Champion shirt for my favorite Tar Heel fan.

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