Friday, March 12, 2010

To UNC fans

Your season is over. You spend your waking hours checking for to see if the Tar Heels are one of the last four teams in NIT bubble projections. How have things gone so wrong? Well this friendly Duke fan has a few teams that I think you should consider rooting for as they try to make the NCAA tournament:
  • Miami University – My former school is in the semifinals of the MAC tournament against Ohio University, which means they are only two wins away from the tournament. The odds aren't good (estimate 20%), but who doesn’t like a good underdog story. Also, just like UNC they lost by 2 points at Kentucky.
  • University of Miami – Just in case you like all teams named Miami.
  • NC State – You probably don’t want to root for your in-state rival Duke, so why not throw your support around the red headed stepchild of North Carolina.
  • University of Southern Mississippi – Another underdog who is the semifinals of their conference tournament. Could this be the year of Eagle with a College World Series appearance and a NCAA tournament?
  • UVA – You get the bonus of rooting against Duke.
  • Georgia Tech – They must be a powerhouse team considering they beat the defending national champions 3 times.
  • Ole Miss – Isn't it time for something good to happen for Ole Miss athletics?
  • N.J.I.T – The ultimate underdog…a 10-20 team is only two wins away from the tournament. The crazy thing about those 10 wins is that they represent a 10X improvement over last year’s 1-30 season. Oh yeah in 2007-2008 they went 0-29.

Just some suggestions.

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