Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Twins schedule

I just finished my first Twins ticket draft. I went in on season tickets with some friends and today we went through the season and picked what games we wanted to see. I bought 5 tickets and my starting point was the last pick in the first round. Below are the games I selected in the order of when I selected them.

  • 1st pick - Friday night: May 21st against the Brewers
  • 2nd pick - Friday night: April 16th against the Royals
  • 3rd pick - Wednesday night: September 1st against the 2nd place Detroit Tigers
  • 4th pick - Sunday day game: August 15th against the Athletics
  • 5th pick -Sunday day game: April 18th against the Royals

Here are my thoughts on the draft:
  • It is very much like a fantasy football draft. Same mix of excitement and anxiety of what you will pick. For me my main concern was not being stuck with a game that I couldn't attend because of a conflict.
  • The best thing during the draft was when someone would take one of those red letter games (I highlighted the games I couldn't attend) and I could happily cross it off my list.
  • All of the Red Sox and Yankees games went in the first round before my pick. This is despite the fact all of those games were weekday games. You can see the appeal of those two teams.
  • I almost botched my first pick of the draft. I wanted to go see a Braves-Twins game and my first pick was going to be the June 11th game. Thankfully I remember just in time (2 seconds after the words came out of my mouth) that my friend is getting married that night. I was able to take that pick back and switch it the Brewers game.
  • The way the draft worked out I ended up with 2 games against the Royals in April. I liked those games because they were the first Friday night game and Sunday afternoon game at Target Field. The cons of that are I am currently lined up to see four Royals-Twins games in a 8 day time frame when you combine those two games with the two games I am planning on seeing at my bachelor party.
  • I wanted to make sure to get a Sunday afternoon game, so that I can take advantage of outdoor baseball and a Minnesota summer. The 4th pick of an August day game against the A's was an easy pick.
  • I couldn't believe my last pick was the first Sunday afternoon game. I didn't want to take it because of all the Royals games I am scheduled to see, but it was a much better option than any of the other games available.
  • I have a trade pending that would trade the Sunday afternoon game against the Royals (the one described above) and the Brewers game for a June night game against the Rockies and a July day Sunday day game against the White Sox. That would give me a better distribution of tickets since I would have a game in April, June, July, August and September.

Anyway, I am excited for the Twins season.

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