Sunday, March 7, 2010

A special message...

For those of you who missed the game last night here is a quick recap. Duke is a incredible team at home. UNC is a terrible team on the road. Duke is a great three point shooting team. UNC's defense sometimes forgets that college basketball has a three point line. Add that all up and you can see why Duke beat UNC by 32 points. Since I don't know when this will happen again forgive me if I don't repeat that Duke won 82-50 on Senior Night at Cameron Indoor Stadium. It has been too long since Duke beat UNC at Cameron and there is no guarantee that once Harrison Barnes arrives in Chapel Hill that Duke will able to even win at all next year.

Until next year though I will relish in the fact that a team with something like 7 McDonald's All-Americans is this unwatchable. How can a team that was predicted to win the ACC title be on the NIT bubble? Make no mistake about it UNC's team this year is awful. They have a lot of talent, but they don't play together well. It is as if Isiah Thomas put together the team. Anyway, as noted in the subject line it is time for the special message from a friend and family member of mine:

"Enjoy the NIT. Dat's not a joke. I'm dead serious" - Henry


BC said...
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hedleylamarr said...

I missed the comment above. Guessing it was something by Buck. Interested in knowing what it was. I like the Southern Miss reference above.