Saturday, September 29, 2007

Corey Brewer and other news

I was at the downtown Target yesterday and who did I see shopping, but none other than Corey Brewer ( of the Timberwolves. Of course I had to introduce myself to him, shake his hand (he had a weak handshake), and wish him luck for the following season. Out of the famous athletes I have ever shook hands with Corey Brewer would probably rank somewhere in between Ben Roethlisberger and Mark Madsen.

My Dad's visit went very well. We went to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul and saw a truly Minnesota production: Prairie Home Companion. For those of you who don't listen to public radio I would suggest you tune in to Prairie Home Companion. In the Twin Cities you can listen to it on 99.5 FM at 5pm central time on most Saturdays. Or you can download Prairie Home Companion as a podcast that is updated every Monday, which for anyone who has Itunes is pretty easy.

If you are looking for something other than fried walleye while in Minnesota, here are some of my quick picks based on my experiances in the Twin Cities:

Anyway, I am excited for the Ohio St-Minnesota game tonight. If you haven't seen this yet check out what will probably not be the opening scene of the 2007 Gopher Football Season Recap Video:

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