Friday, September 21, 2007

Dad's visit

As I write this my Dad is in Chicago about to board a plane to come to visit me in Minneapolis. We have a full schedule ahead, where I am going to try and show him the best of the Twin Cities. We are going to go see Prairie Home Companion ( tomorrow night in St. Paul. This is show that I grew up listening to with my Dad and it will be nice to see a live performance. More to come on the show later. Also, we are going to see a Twins game thanks to some pretty nice tickets that Honeywell gave to me.

Anyway, one thing that I think is enjoyable about growing up is the transition you make with your parents. Something changes around puberty when your parents become more adversaries than anything else. You have to act "cool" and during your teenage years your parents are definitely not cool. In your teenage pursuit of cool, you will lie, cheat, steal, or do whatever it takes. Your parents on the other hand want you to be more rational and make good choices. This conflicts with the concept of being cool and therefore it conflicts with you as a teenager. I definteily don't think I was that bad, but I did have my moments of rebellion that probably didn't make my parents too fond of me. Anyway, another change happens after you move on from that stage of life. It is a gradual process, but before you know it is fun to hang out with your parents again. I enjoy going on trips with my parents and I am looking forward to my Dad's visit. This transition back to having a good relationship with your parents is something that I have found to be a definite plus about growing up.

PS: Side note on the post of the top 5 meals of all time. I meant they were the top 5 meals that I have had when I went out. Of course nothing compares to my Mom's potato salad, deviled eggs and my Dad's steak.

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