Saturday, September 1, 2007

Labor Day in Thunder Bay

M and I are off on our trip to Thunder Bay, Canada. I am looking forward to the Niagara of the North, the longest suspension bridge in Canada, and the Sleeping Giant. Last year it was the wonders of Bemidji, MN and I am hoping for even more from Thunder Bay.

Random other updates:
  • Scott Baker came thisclose to pitching a perfect game against the Royals last night.
  • A few friends and I went to the Minnesota State Fair last night. I don't really understand the appeal of going to the fair. The people I went with said it was for the food and the people watching. However with the amount of money ($8 for the ticket, $15 for the parking, etc) you could get a much better meal than some $5 cheese curds. Maybe I am just upset that the hot dish on a stick wasn't nearly as good as last year? Also, the people watching isn't nearly as good as Ohio or Mississippi. Next year though I vowed I wasn't going to go the fair.
  • I bought a Wii yesterday. I think this is going to be my "congrats on getting a new job" present to myself.
  • I just got my 6 tickets to go see the might Redhawks of Miami University play the Golden Golphers of the University of Minnesota. I utilized for the first time and was very impressed. For $35 a ticket (commision and shipping accounted for $6 of the $35) I was able to get 5th row on the 20 yard line. The best I could do through the University of MN was to get upper deck for $30. I am excited to see the 1-0 Redhawks. Just in case you missed the classic in Muncie, Indiana Miami beat Ball St. 14-13 on a touchdown run by Brandon Murphy with 17 seconds left in the game:

Anyway, I have to get on the road to Thunder Bay.

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