Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cowboy Mouth/Miami updates

Before I post my Thunder Bay entry (I am halfway through) I wanted to provide a few quick updates:
  1. M and I went to a Miami reception yesterday to meet with the new President of Miami David Hodge and his wife Valerie. I was impressed with both the President and his wife and the reception made me A)Proud to be a Miami alum and B) excited for the Miami/Minnesota football game. M was a good sport about things since she went to Ohio St, but "supports" Miami.
  2. After the reception M and I went to see one of my favorite bands Cowboy Mouth ( play at place in downtown Minneapolis called the Fine Line. The band as always (I have seen them 5 times) were incredible. Also, the venue itself is a great place to see a live concert. The one thing that soured part of the evening were the amazing amount of "pushers" in the crowd. In fact here is a list in terms of the type of pushers we encountered.

5. Overweight, Sweaty Guy: Seen bumping into M and I as he has he arm around 3 older ladies. Also, seen bobing his head, while offering the 3 ladies he was with sips of his drink. During this process he was heard saying "I don't know what this drink is." This makes me concerned about why this guy didn't know what he was drinking and two why he was then offering it to other people.

4. Crazy old lady: Seen perfecting her orginal Woodstock moves as M and I duck from her boney elbows. I don't know why she still thought she was 20, but she reminded me of the Raven at 45 east at Miami.

3. Random too drunk lady: There were probably a lot of these, but this one lady in particular thought it was great to keep bumping into us and using her purse as some sort of bumper as she danced into others.

2. The Bulldozer. I am sure this guy was thinking: "I was up in the front of the show 45 minutes before it started, so once the show starts I am legally entitled to that spot regardless of what happens during that 45 minutes." Unfortunately for those of us in his way that meant he had to push us away to get to his destined spot. This guy was from Boston and a Patriots fan (boo) and actually got mad at M and I for simply asking "what are you doing?" as he tried to knock us to the side.

1. The drunk soriority girls from the class of 93: Yes, I get that you haven't been out much together. Yes, I get you "like to party." Yes, I get that you take more pictures than tourists. What I don't understand is why you think that just because you like to take pictures means you should move everyone away, so that you can do your sorority pose. (For those of you who have never been to a sorority event, watch next 5 or more girls pose for a picture.) These Class 0f 93 girls didn't annoy me as much since I had M to block them from pushing me away. However, when they wanted to get a picture they were all over M like white on rice. The funny thing about these pictures is that they all look the same and you could get the same effect from posing in a dark alley. Just cause you are having fun in a bar doesn't mean you should take pictures of that fun.

Anyway, I am meeting up with friends to go see the mighty Redhawks as they face the Yellowish Gophers of Minnesota. The Redhawks are 8.5 point underdogs, but of course I am predicting a victory. Go Redhawks.

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