Saturday, November 24, 2007

Countdown till the wedding

Only two more hours till the bus picks us up to go to the church to see Nancy and Nicholas get married. I saw Nicholas this morning at breakfast and he looked like a combination of excited, anxious, and sleep deprived. Overall I know that both him and Nancy are excited to start their married lives together and get to the honeymoon in St. Thomas. It will probably be weird for them after the wedding is over for them to go more than 1 minute without having their picture taken. Believe it or not I am actually one of the people taking the least amount of pictures. Hopefully, I can get copies of from people. Speaking of I have included a picture that Peter Clark took of M and I on the wine tour on Thursday:

Anyway, last night's rehearsal dinner hosted by the Clarks was excellent. We had unbelievable appetizers, pumpkin soup, a beef or fish dinner option, and then for desert both Sachetorte and Apple Strudel. M and I sat next to a nice couple from Seattle that had met Nicholas at Cornell. We are hoping to give our friend (Candice) who moved to Seattle their contact information.

I have to go now and get ready for the wedding. Thankfully I was only bridesperson not to have to wake up 8am and get their hair done. All I have to do is put on my tux and think about what I am going to say during my toast.

Can someone explain to me how LSU lost? Or how about why none of the German tv stations have reported what sounds like a dramatic Egg Bowl win for Mississippi St? What about the possibility (and yes Brian it is coming true) that Ohio St. makes it back to the title game? I am excited to get caught up on sports on Monday as I prepare for the Dolphins losing to the Steelers on MNF.

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marty said...

among other big news, coach o is done. ole miss handed them the egg bowl after embarrassing state for three quarters. it was sad. bye bye o.