Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vienna is Vonderful

I write this now from the Denny's of Vienna. We decided to stop by a place called Wienerwald in the center of Vienna. The food is so-so (which is shocking for a place like Vienna where all the food is beyond good), but the good news is that they have free internet access. That combined with the fact that I have been carrying around my laptop means I could write a new post and better yet put up some pictures. Here are some pictures:

The Budapest Parliament:

View of the Danube River in Budapest from the Fisherman's Bastion:

Hot Chololate and Sachetorte in Vienna:

View of Lake District on the tour bus from Vienna to Salzburg (This is M's favorite part of the trip so far):

Us in Salzburg with the fortress in the background:

The trip is going very well and we are excited to take the train to Graz. Tomorrow we have a wine tour with the wedding party and also a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Clarks. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have some turkey and watch some football for me. I will eat some weiner schnitzel and more chocolate.


Jenny said...

How did that guy get on top of the gold sphere? Is it a statue? A camera trick? Seems dangerous!

BC said...

You've been to Vienna AND Salzburg, but not one of your posts mentions Mozart.

How is that? He's only like one of the greatest humans ever to walk the Earth.

And no mention of The Sound of Music either. Very disappointing.

Gosh, is all you do eat and ride around in buses when you are on time for them?

*And not to say I told you so about the Budapest/Prague thing, but, um, I told you so.*

Marty said...

You called me last night, but I was afraid to answer bc you sounded drunk and I didn't know how much it cost. Did you actually have anything important to discuss, like you said you did?

Moody said...

I would have answered. OK - so just returned two weeks ago. Still no answer about the guy on the sphere. Anyone? Beueller? Natives are clueless, say it is new since September.

Bosni grill?? Ketchup for kinder. She knows her stuff.

PS - three trips to town and we finally found the Geburtshaus. It's not as easy as you think.