Friday, November 2, 2007

More of the Dolphins

I know the Dolphins are 0-8 and its a bye week, but I still can't get enough of them. From the story I heard on PTI about them paying celebrities to attend their games to the fact they still haven't named John Beck the starting quarterbacks it keeps getting worse and worse. Thanks to those who commented on the last blog. I definitely want to make a youtube video on the song. I am thinking about using some of the revenue I have received from the blog to pay my friend Johnny to make a video. Until then here are some youtube vidoes I like:

Old School Dolphins rap:

Ted Ginn Jr.

Dan Marino:

Ronnie Brown:

Other random notes of interest:
  • Can calm down with the "upset watch" special that comes on A few weeks ago the UPSET WATCH at the top of the screen alerted me to a potential upset when Florida was beating Kentucky. The defending national champs were beating a basketball school and it was an upset? Today I am being alerted to the fact that there is an upset alret on 23 ranked Virginia beating 24th ranked Wake Forrest 10 to 6. If you check the Vegas odds on the game ( it is actually a pick em game.
  • What kind of college football world do we live in when Kansas is a 19 point favorite over Nebraska? The same world where there is the blog: Oh yeah the mighty Jayhawks have scored 42 points so far in the first half against the Cornhuskers. That might be acceptable for a basketball game.
  • I went to the play the Lion King last night. Good play except that one of our four tickets had limited viewing. That meant that one of us could only see about 30% of the stage.

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