Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hooked on a Feeling

Well we made it to Budapest. The flight from Chicago to London was long and cramped (we were in the middle seats in the middle row), but overall it wasn't that bad. After that we had an easy flight from London to Budapest and made it into Budapest at around 5pm today. After getting a bus to our hotel (the Best Western Hotel Hungarian) on the Pest side we decided to head out looking for food. One kind of funny note was that on the bus ride over to our hotel they had some weird random American station on that played Hooked on a Feeling among other American songs. I was kind of upset that being so close to Germany we didn't get to hear David Hasseloff's version, but at least it was nice understanding the words.

Anyway, when we ended up going to a place that was recommended by the hotel staff. M got a cherry duck with mashed potatoes and I got some duck pasta, pea, carrot thing. I would have to look up the offical names, but right now I am on a 30 minute time crunch because I bought a 30 minute internet card.

I have added a few pictures from dinner. Tomorrow there will be more as we are planning on going to the Castle District, Gelhert Hill, the Baths, etc. Now it off to watch tv of this random Budapest girl doing her version of Ironic.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you made it! How did you find time to get a hair cut? Have a great time! Sounds like quite the adventure!