Friday, November 23, 2007


I am sitting here in at Erzherzog Johann Hotel in Graz, Austria to write a quick post before our rehearsal dinner hosted by the Clarks. We aren´t having an actual rehearsal (which means I still don't know if I will be walking down the aisle with a guy), but that doesn't mean we can't have the dinner.

Anyway, M and I have been continuing the good vibes from Vienna all the way to Graz. Our hotel is right in the center of the town and is very nice. Everyone from the wedding besides the Winklemann's are staying in the hotel. That makes meeting up and doing things a lot easier. Here is a quick recap of what M and I have done since the last post:

  • We toured Vienna on Wednesday morning, which I don't think I mentioned during the post from the Denny's of Vienna.
  • We took one of the afternoon trains from Vienna to Graz. The train system in Europe is pretty cheap (about $45 each) and a very relaxing way to travel. Usually one of us could sleep with the other one on the watch to make sure our stuff did not get stolen.
  • We got into Graz on Wednesday night and went out to dinner with Peter Clark, Alexander Clark, and Alexander's girlfriend. Par for the course the dinner was excellent.
  • Thursday was the day of the wine country excursion. The Winklemann's rented a bus and drove us on a 2 hour scenic tour of the mountains and wine country in southern Austria. Once I have access to my computer I will post pictures from this ride. The tour ended at this wine restaurant on the top of a mountain where we had many glasses of wine and many plates of food. This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip. That and seeing Nicholas in Lederhosen.
  • After the day long adventure we went home and the young people prepared for the evening out. The evening out was to say the least eventful. There were a few young people who decided against coming out and I am definitely glad I wasn't one of those people.
  • Today was a day of recovery and shopping. Graz is an unbelievable city with tons of shopping. Everyone is out on the street enjoying themselves, eating, drinking, and buying things from street vendors. I would definitely recommend Graz or Vienna during the Christmas season.

I need to go right now to get ready for the dinner. I want to make a post later on about the top 10 things I have learned in Austria.

Also, real quick here are the answers to the questions on the comments;

M and I went to Mozart's house in Salzburg and also saw a few things from the Sound of Music. We were more concerned about the food though. Also, the person on the top of of sphere was a statue and not a real person. Yes, Buck you were right on the Budapest/Prague thing.

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